About Us

CamARB is an alumni group founded and run for the benefit of its members. Our primary objective is to provide more and better opportunities for members of the University who are interested in arbitration to create and to strengthen relationships with each other in this field. We intend to achieve that through an annual programme of events, commencing with an inaugural reception in London in the next few months.

Membership of CamARB is open only to those who have matriculated within the University and have studied within the University for a degree, which need not be in Law (details of the criteria are available here).

We are recognised as an alumni group by the University’s Department of Alumni Relations. Our page on the University’s Alumni Relations website is accessible here. We operate with the approval and support of the Faculty of Law.

CamARB is an unincorporated association governed by a written constitution (available here). It is run by an Executive Committee of its members, currently consisting of James Hayton (Sidney Sussex 2000) and Calum Mulderrig (Jesus 2010) with the benefit of advice from an Advisory Board of members. The Advisory Board is led by Michael Young QC (Sidney Sussex 1990) and its other members are Audley Sheppard QC (Sidney Sussex 1985), Paula Hodges QC (Girton 1983), Graham Dunning QC (Emmanuel 1977), Christopher Style QC (Trinity Hall 1973), Prof. Michael Waibel (Jesus 2012) and Dr Fernando Bordin (Sidney Sussex 2010).

If you are interested in joining, please apply to join by filling out our brief online application form. Further information is also available upon request from the Secretary secretary@camarb.org.


CamARB is not part of the University nor of its Faculty of Law. CamARB does not confer degrees or other educational qualifications. Any views expressed on this website or by any member or officer of CamARB are not necessarily the views of the University nor of its Faculty of Law.